Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chronicles of Niddit

Ive done this spoofing chronicle of riddick back in 2006 for Apo magz.Like to do more this kind of artwork..maybe if i got some spare time in the future..hopefully!! still busy with captain mystery though..wonder if i can freeze time and sleep the whole day long..anybody freind with Hiro Nakamura?!!..anybody?!!!


Unknown said...

Well done mr rambai... i missed this one... lucky i can see them here. my favourite pages so far. especially the alien design at the page 2. very dynamic panel layout and colors. this is what i wanted to see from you. i wish these will be a book.

Rambai/Soul said...

thanks a lot niezam.ive just visit your blog and believe me..yer one of the greatest!!you should be out there along with the greats!!thanks again shifuuu!!

Teach me to Fly!!

Teach me to Fly!!
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